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Priyanca Ford is the Founder of Kronos Fusion Energy Incorporated. She created Kronos Fusion Energy Incorporated to develop Algorithms & Machine Learning Simulations to enable the building of Fusion Energy Generators and many more clean fusion energy products that will make a difference for future generations.


Priyanca is a Harvard Business School graduate with decades of experience in Mathematics, Product Management, and structuring large data sets to build technology around world-changing ideas. Her interest in fusion energy technology began when she led the building of end-to-end energy simulations at Edison International to implement a new world ERP system that led to a smarter grid and advanced smart meter technology. Priyanca is also used to drive multiple full-cycle data, Algorithms & Machine Learning Infrastructures at Fortune 25 companies. Additionally, she is an expert in Product Development, Statistical Data Analysis, Machine Learning, and Managing Executive team priorities.

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