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Director of Sales


About the Role

Full time hire focusing on strategic partnerships and growth opportunities with room to grow.

Our company is on the hunt for a talented and experienced director of sales to lead our sales department. We need a self-motivated professional with proven managerial experience and an outstanding track record in sales. In this position, you will be responsible for meeting our annual sales targets within assigned regions and accounts.

Your duties will include motivating our sales team, designing strategic sales plans, and assessing costs and competition. In addition to being an excellent communicator, our ideal candidate will also demonstrate exceptional negotiation and leadership skills.

Director of Sales Responsibilities:

- Leading and motivating staff to improve customer service with clients.
- Designing and implementing strategic plans to reach sales targets.
- Cultivating lasting relationships with customers to grow customer loyalty.
- Developing and promoting weekly, monthly, and quarterly sales objectives.
- Drafting detailed and accurate sales reports.
- Working with customers to better understand their business needs and goals.
- Assessing costs, competition, and supply and demand to identify selling prices.
- Estimating sales volume and profit for current and new products.
- Establishing a sales training program to train new employees.
- Meeting with sales managers to assess company performance.

Director of Sales Requirements:

- Bachelor’s degree in marketing, business administration, or a relevant field.
- A minimum of 5 years experience in a similar role.
- In-depth knowledge of marketing techniques and best practices.
- Capacity to manage various projects and work to tight deadlines.
- Excellent negotiation and leadership skills.
- Outstanding written and verbal communication skills.

About the Company

Kronos is an American Fusion Energy Company, building the revolutionary S.M.A.R.T. 40 Fusion Energy Generator (Superconducting, Minimum-Aspect-Ratio Torus) technology. From algorithms to simulation to commercialization, Kronos Fusion Energy is taking a synchronized approach to the commercialization of fusion energy generation by bringing together research and engineering efforts across government agencies, academic institutions, and private industry.

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