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My non-Fusion Energy related Corporate Experience is on my linkedin page :

My journey into the realm of fusion energy began at the tender age of seven, fueled by the pioneering work of P.K. Iyengar and daily physics lectures that shaped my childhood. By the age of 16, I was deeply immersed in fusion energy, exploring its complexities for my high school science project. This early fascination led me to pursue a degree in applied mathematics, followed by a decade dedicated to automating business processes within the technology and energy sectors. In 2009, I spearheaded the development of an AI-driven intelligent grid system, presenting my innovative work at the California Energy Congress. This pivotal project marked the start of my integration of fusion energy algorithms, a venture that began earnestly in 2010.

My passion for making fusion energy a commercial reality was further highlighted in my Harvard Business School application, where I proposed a business plan targeting a Q40 output and an LCOE of $0.40/KWH.

Having grown up in a diverse and multicultural environment, living in three different countries by the age of 30, I gained a profound understanding of global energy consumption's impact from both a corporate and humanitarian perspective. This global exposure made me acutely aware of environmental challenges, such as chemical pollution in water, and reinforced my commitment to energy solutions that can address global issues, especially for the most vulnerable populations.

In my early thirties, I launched a 3D printing enterprise, eventually selling it to finance a groundbreaking fusion energy AI initiative. This venture, supported by 20 developers and extensive research databases, explored the potential of machine

learning and quantum computing in enhancing fusion energy, as shared in my 2019 video detailing two years of quantum computing advancements. During this period, I collaborated with thousands of fusion energy researchers worldwide, delving into the nuances of fusion energy commercialization.

By early 2022, I aligned with top minds in the field to form Kronos Fusion Energy, a collective with over two centuries of combined experience in fusion energy. Our team, which holds numerous patents and has contributed to thousands of research papers, is the backbone of Kronos, which is privately funded and co-owned by us, our friends, family, and employees. This structure underscores our dedication to independent and innovative energy solutions.

Our mission at Kronos is to catalyze global partnerships that will propel the commercialization of fusion energy forward. We focus on real-world business applications over academic study to meet our commercial goals. Since our inception, we have been assembling a skilled internal team and forging alliances

with AI/ML and quantum computing startups to refine our technological designs. Our collaboration with a gaming company to simulate our fusion device exemplifies our commitment to unconventional and forward-thinking strategies.

By the end of 2025, we aim to realize the full potential of our AI/ML and quantum algorithm research, leading to sophisticated

simulations of fusion energy devices. In the next eight years, we plan to launch clean, aneutronic fusion energy industrial heating units capable of reaching 2400 degrees. Our long-term vision includes integrating our technology into global power grids within 12 years and developing direct energy conversion units within 20 years, paving the way for worldwide deployment. And why not set our sights on space within 35 years?

In eight years, our generators will revolutionize industrial processes like cement and steel production, desalination plants, and liquid fuel creation, marking the dawn of a new era in energy efficiency and environmental stewardship.

The journey ahead is bolstered by expected breakthroughs in materials science, plasma heating systems, AI/ML technologies, simulation capabilities, and rebco tape manufacturing. Our ultimate objective is to achieve a steady state with optimal Q40 output and maintain an LCOE of $0.40/KWH, supported by a sustainable supply chain. As of February 2024, navigating these challenges remains our most daunting yet exhilarating quest.

Within 12 years, our fusion energy power plants, leveraging steam-powered turbines, will seamlessly integrate into existing energy grids, heralding widespread access to clean and sustainable power. By the 20-year mark, Kronos's innovative smart aneutronic fusion generators will illuminate even the most isolated locations on Earth, offering direct energy conversion to ensure that no community is left in darkness.

This vision fuels my relentless pursuit of a cleaner, more equitable future, where fusion energy transforms not just how we power our world, but how we envision our place within it. As I stand on the precipice of these groundbreaking achievements, I am filled with hope and determination, committed to leading us toward a brighter, boundless horizon where energy is abundant, clean, and accessible to all.



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