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Technology Application Project Manager


About the Role

Technology Application Project Manager Responsibilities:

- Set project goals and come up with plans to meet those goals.
- Maintain project timeframes, budget estimates and status reports.
- Manage resources for projects, such as computer equipment and employees.
- Coordinate project team members and developing schedules and individual responsibilities.
- Implement IT strategies that deliver projects on schedule and within budget.
- Using project management tools to track project performance and schedule adherence.
- Conduct risk assessments for projects.
- Organize meetings to discuss project goals and progress.

About the Company

Kronos is an American Fusion Energy Company, building the revolutionary S.M.A.R.T. 40 Fusion Energy Generator (Superconducting, Minimum-Aspect-Ratio Torus) technology. From algorithms to simulation to commercialization, Kronos Fusion Energy is taking a synchronized approach to the commercialization of fusion energy generation by bringing together research and engineering efforts across government agencies, academic institutions, and private industry.

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