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Bob Weggel is a Board Advisor specializing in Magnet Design / Magnetic Shielding. Bob attended Massachusetts Institute of Technology from 1960-1964 and earned a Bachelor of Science in Physics. He also attended Harvard University for Applied Mathematics from 1964-1966. 
From June 1965-1996, he worked at MIT's Francis Bitter National Magnet Laboratory in Cambridge, MA, progressing from student to staff engineer, and then on to Asst. Magnet Technology Division Head.
Bob has achieved so many amazing breakthroughs within his lifetime so far including:

•    Being one of two principal designers of magnet that achieved the world's strongest magnet field.
•    Designed room-temperature and cryogenic pulse magnets for plasma fusion, magnetic levitation or propulsion, and metal forming or casting.
•    Supervised five technicians who assembled new magnets and refurbished deteriorated ones.
•    Worked as a Staff Engineer at Brookhaven National Laboratory in Upton, Long Island, New York, for 6 years and 4 months.
•    Developed hybrid magnets with a 20 T field and a 15 cm bore to capture pions for the proposed Muon Collider and Neutrino Factory in a high-radiation environment. 
•    Designed solenoids, some with iron (two now fabricated), and rectangular-saddle magnets for catalyst recovery in coal liquefication.
•    Author of Superconducting Magnets: Case Studies in Design and Operational Issues, Plenum Press (2009).

He also started his own company in 1996, Magnet Optimization Research Engineering, (M.O.R.E.)
Currently, Bob is a magnet-design engineer for Particle Beam Lasers in Reading, Massachusetts, and has been with them since 2002. 

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