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Priyanca Ford


Priyanca Ford is the Founder & Executive Board Member of Kronos Fusion Energy, a company committed to developing algorithms and machine learning simulations for creating fusion energy generators and other clean fusion energy products that will have a lasting impact on future generations. As a lover of nature and an avid advocate for clean and limitless fusion energy,

Priyanca's passion for sustainable energy began during her childhood in India, where she dreamt of building a company that serves the best interests of the poorest humans on this planet. Currently, she is dedicating her life to achieving Q40 fusion energy mechanical gain.A Harvard Business School graduate with an Executive MBA, Priyanca has a strong background in mathematics, product management, and structuring large data sets to build innovative technology.

As a game theorist and minimalist, Priyanca's interest in fusion energy technology was sparked when she led end-to-end energy simulations at Edison International, which resulted in a new world ERP system that paved the way for a smarter grid and advanced smart meter technology.With over 17 years of experience driving monetization through statistical algorithms and predictive modeling in diverse industries, Priyanca has collaborated with innovative companies, gaining expertise in product development, statistical data analysis, machine learning, and managing executive team priorities. She applies game theory concepts, market positioning, product management, M&A experience, data and process analysis, and business intelligence to strategic executive decision-making.

Throughout her career, Priyanca has held various positions at prominent companies such as Samsung Electronics, The Walt Disney Company, Live Nation Entertainment/Ticketmaster, and Deloitte Consulting. In addition to her professional roles, she has engaged in independent consulting, serving as a C-suite analytics and product strategy consultant for numerous companies, including fusion energy research ventures and Southern California Edison.

Priyanca has pursued non-degree programs in innovation and entrepreneurship at Stanford University, game theory at Yale University, and holds a BS in Economics and Applied Mathematics from the University of California, Los Angeles. Moreover, she founded a company called 3dbuildbot and served as an investor and board member for Brainmix Capital, an AI-focused fund.

Priyanca Ford
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