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Jon Michel Greenwood

BOARD ADVISOR, Chief Technology Officer

Jon Michel Greenwood is a Board Advisor and Chief Technology Officer at Kronos Fusion Energy. He is an award-winning technology executive with over 20 years of experience in IT, web, mobile, and software applications development. Jon is a prolific inventor known for his innovative ideas and processes, excelling in problem-solving during new product design and development, and creating time and cost-efficient solutions. As a dependable and well-organized planner, Jon thrives in environments that fully utilize his technical and creative skills.

Throughout his career, Jon has worked on a wide range of products and projects in various industries, including consumer electronics, entertainment, graphics, internet, interactive gaming, legal, retail, manufacturing, and office products. He has collaborated with numerous companies and individuals such as 7th Level, Alan Parsons, Bandai, Bob Ezrin, Disney, Gateway, House of Blues, Howie Mandel, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, IBM, Intel, Live Nation Entertainment, MGA Entertainment, Micrografx, Monty Python, MusicToday, Paul Hastings LLP, Pink Floyd, Quincy Jones, Sony, Ticketmaster, and Warner Bros.

Jon's specialties include IT, infrastructure, innovation, data analytics, solution and service development, data privacy and compliance, digital transformation, cloud computing, content operations, QA, project management of software and hardware products, SDLC, UEX, human factors, IP generation, and team creation. His expertise spans across business development, eCommerce/retail, compliance, content operations, and CRM/ERP/PLM.

As a Board Advisor and Chief Technology Officer at Kronos Fusion Energy, Jon brings his extensive knowledge and experience to guide the company's technological advancements and innovations.

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Jon Michel Greenwood
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