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Dr. Gerald L. Kulcinski

Lead Nuclear Engineer

With over 50 years of groundbreaking work in aneutronic fusion energy, Dr. Kulcinski is uniquely positioned to propel our research and development in this transformative field. His specific expertise in helium-3 aneutronic fusion energy is invaluable, having been a dedicated advocate and pioneer in designing and advancing this technology for over five decades.

Dr. Kulcinski holds the prestigious title of Grainger Professor of Nuclear Engineering-Emeritus and has served as the Director of the Fusion Technology Institute. His remarkable career achievements include being elected to the National Academy of Engineering in 1993, and being honored with the NASA Public Service Medal in the same year, followed by the NASA Exceptional Public Service Medal in 2010.

In addition to his research expertise, Dr. Kulcinski has demonstrated outstanding leadership and academic skills. He was the Associate Dean of Research in the College of Engineering from 2001 to 2014 and has played crucial advisory roles, including on the NASA Advisory Council (2005-2009) and the Department of Commerce Advisory Committee on Emerging Technology and Research (appointed in 2008).

Dr. Kulcinski's early career involved significant research on the effects of radiation in metals at the Battelle Northwest Laboratories (1965-1971) and a pivotal role in the Nuclear Rocket Program at Los Alamos in 1963. He also served as a Lecturer at the Center for Graduate Study in Richland, Washington.

After joining the Nuclear Engineering Department at the University of Wisconsin in 1971, Dr. Kulcinski further broadened his expertise with international exposure as a visiting scientist at the Karlsruhe Nuclear Research Center in West Germany (1977), and through industrial collaborations during his sabbaticals at the Bechtel Corporation in San Francisco (1989 and 1995).

Dr. Kulcinski’s unparalleled knowledge and visionary approach to fusion energy are fundamental to Kronos Fusion Energy's mission. We eagerly anticipate the innovative pathways his guidance will carve in our quest for sustainable and efficient energy solutions.

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Dr. Gerald L. Kulcinski
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