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David Beck

ADVISOR, Fusion Energy Space Applications

David Beck joins Kronos Fusion Energy as an advisor, bringing a wealth of experience in space, defense, and innovative technologies. With a distinguished career spanning roles in the United States Space Force and the United States Department of Defense, David has been instrumental in developing and sustaining resilient space capabilities and advancing the space industrial base.

Currently serving as the Principal of the Space Industrial Base at the United States Space Force, David's expertise lies in establishing conditions for the acquisition and fielding of cutting-edge space technologies. He also holds the position of Deputy Division Chief for Enabling Capabilities, focusing on space technologies and industrial base assessments.

David's diverse background includes roles as Branch Chief for Capability Assessment and Business Intelligence, where he spearheaded initiatives to strengthen the supply chain management of space systems. His experience extends to advising various organizations, including Frankenbuild Ventures, Just Her Rideshare, One Health Lessons, Vehya, Enigma Science and Technology, and more.

As the Managing Director of Cole Chamberlain Holdings and a Founding Partner at HUB Venture Partners, David has demonstrated his commitment to fostering innovation and supporting startups. His advisory roles at prestigious institutions such as Georgetown University Space Initiative and his mentorship with Techstars further highlight his dedication to advancing technology and education.

David Beck's extensive technical and strategic expertise will be invaluable in guiding Kronos Fusion Energy towards successful commercialization of fusion energy, aligning with our mission to provide clean, limitless power.

David Beck
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