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Brian O'Neill

BOARD ADVISOR, National Security Strategy + Risk Assessment

Brian O'Neill serves as a Board Advisor at Kronos Fusion Energy, specializing in Security Strategy & Risk Assessment. With over 26 years of management experience as a senior national security executive at the CIA, Brian has deep expertise in global and geopolitical intelligence, insider threats, and international security, spanning Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.

Throughout his career, Brian has demonstrated a distinguished record of overseeing multi-tiered offices consisting of political, military, economic, technical, and leadership specialists. These teams have assessed global political patterns, transnational developments, government and industry trends and vulnerabilities, as well as economic and military reforms.

Brian has also provided valuable advice and briefings on the ever-changing strategic environment to senior leadership in the White House and other executive branches. He has liaised with the US Congress, state, local, and tribal offices, foreign partners, academia, and the private sector.Brian earned his Bachelor of Arts in History in 1982 from The University of Georgia, where he was also a member of the Phi Alpha Theta Honor Society. In 1996, he completed his Master of Arts in International Relations and National Security Studies at Georgia State University.

Brian O'Neill
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